If you want your car to always look its best, then taking it to an automated car wash to be cleaned on a regular basis is a big help. Even if you enjoy hand-washing your car, you probably can't do it as often as it needs it to stay clean. Here's why having your car cleaned at an automatic car wash is a good idea and what you can expect.

The Car Wash Is Convenient

Washing your car by hand is time-consuming when you want it done well. It also wastes a lot of water. Plus, you may not have the proper supplies or location. Washing your car in a shady spot keeps cleaning products from drying too fast. An automatic car wash cleans your car in a controlled environment so no damage is done and you get the best results. All areas of the car can be reached and cleaned which makes it easy to keep road salt off. Your car needs washed frequently in the winter when dirty snow and salt are on the roads. It's not very convenient to brave the cold weather to wash the car yourself.

Additional Serviced May Be Offered

You can opt for a basic car wash or you can upgrade the services depending what's offered at the facility you use. Although car washes usually include blow drying, your car may also be dried by hand. Wax might be offered along with cleaning of the windows, wheels, tires, dash, and undercarriage. Thorough cleaning is important in the winter, and if you do a lot of driving, it may be necessary in the summer too.

Your Car's Finish Is Protected

Washing your car keeps it clean and shiny, but a more important reason to have it washed is to protect the finish. Washing by hand might cause scratches from grit clinging to the sponge or cloth. An automatic car wash is designed for safe and gentle treatment of your car. Cleaning off dirt, salt, bugs, and stains prevents damage to the car's finish and metal. Your car looks nice longer, and that helps you get more for it when you trade it in. Best of all, car washes are affordable. You can have one weekly if your car parks outside and your drive on dirt roads. If your car leads a protected life, you may not need a wash that often. Either way, keeping your car clean is not only good for your car, it keeps it attractive too.

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