Auto detailing can be even more difficult if you have pets. If you're regularly transporting animals in your car, you'll often find that a build up of fur occurs in all of the cracks and crevices. Here are a few tips for getting the reminders of your four-legged friends out of your four-wheeled vehicle.

Take a Pumice Stone (Gently) to Upholstery

If you have cloth upholstery, use a pumice stone to get the fur off. Take a pumice stone and hold it gently against the cloth and then swipe it downwards, towards the edge of the upholstery. Much of the fur should come off where you can bundle it up for removal. Make sure you only do this lightly, because the pumice stone is coarse.

Use a Brush to Get Hair Out of Difficult Places

A small wire brush can be used to pull hair out of cracks and crevices, but be careful around leather upholstery. Areas of the car suitable for a wire brush include underneath the seats and around the seats. 

Rub Some Dryer Sheets on Your Car

It may seem strange, but there's a reason why dryer sheets are recommended for those with pets. Dryer sheets can help the fur detach from your car and stick to the dryer sheet itself. Wipe down areas of your car with a dryer sheet to pull up excess fur (and make your car smell laundry fresh).

Put on a Glove

Wearing a rubber glove and moving it down your leather upholstery can help you "pill" the fur, bundling it up underneath the glove and collecting it into easy to dispose of sections. You have to be creative when it comes to leather upholstery, as many traditional cleaning methods could damage it.

Use a Squeegee

Alternatively, you can also use a squeegee on leather upholstery. A slightly damp squeegee should pull up fur without damaging your leather, but be careful; you don't want to get your leather wet.

Get a Professional Cleaning Periodically

There's only so much you can do on your own. Once a month, you may want to invest in a professional auto detailing. Professional detailing companies have powerful equipment that will clear your vehicle out in no time; this will prevent too much build up in your car. 

A professional auto detailing company is going to be your best bet if you want a thorough cleaning. You can schedule an auto detailing with a company like Detail Time today