If you have an industrial pressure washer, you have the power to do just about any type of cleaning that you can imagine. You can clean off your roof, clean the siding on your building, clean the sidewalks and your parking lot. An industrial pressure washer can really let you get work done, especially if you have the right type of nozzle for your pressure washer.

Threaded Nozzle

A threaded nozzle is made out of stainless steel. The stainless steel construction of the nozzle helps ensure that the water flow that comes out of the nozzle comes out at a consistent rate. A stainless steel nozzle will last a lot longer than a regular plastic nozzle.

When it comes to ordering a stainless steel threaded nozzle, you first need to know what inlet size you need the nozzle to be as well as what pressure rating you are looking for. From there, you need to determine the outlet size -- this is how wide the stream of water will be. For a really focused and strong stream, go with a smaller outlet size. For more general spraying like you would use for a car wash, you are going to want to go with a larger size.

Turbo Rotating Nozzle

When you need a really strong stream of water, you need a turbo rotating nozzle on your pressure washer. A turbo nozzle creates a very direct stream of water that is really powerful. With a turbo nozzle equipped on your pressure washer, you can use it to remove things such as dried mud and tar, two substances that are difficult to remove. Using a turbo rotating nozzle will also cut down on your cleaning time, allowing you to clean hard dirt at a much faster rate.

It is a good idea to test out a turbo rotating nozzle on a hidden surface first. This nozzle is so powerful; it may be too strong for some substances.

Colored Plastic Nozzles

You can also purchase colored plastic pressure washer nozzles. You can purchase these nozzles on an individual basis, or you can purchase them as a set of nozzles. A red nozzle has the most direct type of spray, a 0-degree spray: this creates a powerful pinpoint spray. A yellow nozzle has a fifteen-degree spray, which is good for intense cleaning of surfaces that don't have paint. A green nozzle with a twenty-five-degree spray is a general application spray nozzle. White nozzles are best for delicate surfaces, with a forty-degree spray pattern.

If you want to get work done with your pressure washer, you need to make sure that you have the right nozzles to accomplish that work.